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Knights Panther [EU]
[Image: kTmt8ZU.png]

              "Never to suffer any person or thing bearing the Mark of Chaos to live while there is still a breath in my body..."
                                                                                     —Heinrich von Torlichhelm, Grandmaster of the Order

The 'Knights of the Panther', commonly referred to as simply the 'Knights Panther', are a secular order of Knights dedicated to the total eradication of Mutants and Chaos Worshippers, as well as the preservation of racial purity within the confines of the Empire and dominions of man. The Knights Panther are arguably the most powerful and well known of all the Knightly Orders of the Empire, and as such their banner can be seen in many of the towns and cities throughout the Empire.

The history of the Knights Panther can be traced back to the time of the Great Crusades against the hated Sultans of Araby, some 2000 years prior to the reign of Karl Franz. From what was told, once the armies of Jaffar and the Sultans of Araby were defeated by the crusading Knights, and their cities plundered of all their belongings, the Knights of the Great Crusade brought home much plunder from the Sultans' Palaces, including gold and silver, precious gems, silks, furs, and many exotic animals the like of which had never been seen before in the Old World

Some of the most bizarre and beautiful of these creatures were the panthers, liberated from the pleasure gardens of Al-haikk. They created such a lasting impression to the jubilant crowds cheering the return of the crusaders, that some Knights took up their exotic appearance as well, eventually making these Knights form into the Order that it is today. In time the creatures died of natural causes but their fur would be used for saddle cloths or trimming for fur cloaks, reinforcing the new Order's unique character and reminding everyone of their victories in Araby.

Today the original panthers and even their hides have eroded from history, but the memory of the Arabian wars is maintained by wearing these exotic animal furs in their armour and clothing, symbolising their distinctive appearance to all that see it. 

- WIP -
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