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Community Content
The question of community additions to the module has been asked by interested party several times now, so I've decided to make a thread on the matter for those of you interested in contributing your own custom made content to the module.

Due to the high workload required to sustain an accurate SP/MP mod surrounding the world of Warhammer Fantasy, content releases and updates will either be small and released relatively fast (1-2 month gaps), or large and released after a substantial amount of time (6 months). Bar myself who can only code, administrate and do a limited amount of graphical art work for threads, Jordan is the only team member with the skills to fully model, texture, animate and draw. This, obviously, slows our creation rate down significantly, as we effectively only have one person making the actual mod content.

If you feel like you have the skill level to contribute to the mod in any form, be it modelling, texturing or animation, then please feel free to post some content related to Warhammer Fantasy in this thread and we'll look into it. One off or multiple submissions of scenery props, weapons and shields would be especially helpful as though those things are relatively easy to create, in bulk they eat up a massive amount of time that could be spent doing far more impressive things.

If you feel as if you could contribute further and would like to assist Jordan and myself in creating the mod on a part time or full time basis, please don't hesitate to show interest in this thread or drop me a PM so we can talk about your skills and what you're willing to do. You'll be fully credited and your own work advertised and supported with us going forward.

Please note that non-cannon content, i.e. personal content such as your own fabricated shields e.c.t. will not be accepted. Though we're keen to see what ideas you have and what tabletop armies and paint schemes you can field, we're going to keep Ghal Maraz as accurate as we can to the Warhammer Fantasy lore, so we'll only accept content that has a firm rooting in the setting and has visual source material to back up it's existence.
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