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Republic Military Ranks and their meaning
Having a rank on this server means more than just a name, it means dedication and time on the server has been put in by either you or the guy in-front of you to get where you or they are.
No matter your rank you are expected to respect others as you wish to be respected, if you are being disrespected feel free to report it to a superior so they may be delt with.

What exactly does rank mean? On other servers its mostly bragging rights and just a name, on our server it means all manner of things, from pure time and dedication, to extreme skills in their field of expertise. No rank is to be scoffed at as everyone has earned their place in this server, just like you will.
Putting in the time and effort means you will be rewarded, and having a rank will mean something more than just a title, you will feel a sense of achievement and better understanding of our server and its inner workings in all manner of ways.

High Command

Marshal Commander
- Effectively a Senior commander rank, proven themselves more than capable of leading and commanding their classification.

- Commander of a Regiment or Division or some other classification. failure to respect these guys will result in harsh and swift punishments, they worked hard to get where they are and deserve everything they have in terms of power.

Commissioned Officers

- Usually second in command of a classification if someone has gotten this high, they have the same power as a commander if there is none, and if there is they can still be given the same power if the commander allows them.

- Grizzled veteran officer who doesn't need to demand respect to get it, these guys have the ability to be trained as commanders as well as train new NCO'S and officers too!

- The lowest Commissioned officer rank, but that does not mean they are worthless, far from it. they deserve more respect than even a senior sergeant as you now must salute them whenever you see them, these guys are on the way to the top and are extremely capable and reliable in any situation.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Senior Sergeant
A Sergeant that is extremely well versed and an even more grizzled veteran. A Senior Sergeant is no rank to scoff at as these NCO's have decided to either forgo their OCT If they were offered, or stay put in their regiment for so long and proved them selves so worthy that they deserve this rank.

- A Competent and hardened Veteran of the server, a Sergeant is a very capable soldier who has proven themselves to their superiors to be capable of such a rank.
- In Addition a Sergeant may now go through the OCT or Officer Candidate Training, if they are selected by both their commander and high command they will begin their rigorous training and testing to become a true officer within the grand army of the republic

- A Lance Corporal that has proven themselves capable of passing the NCO Candidate tests, and as a result has been promoted.
- More Advanced training and testing is now available to a Corporal to be promoted to Sergeant


- Private has completed several missions and proven themselves capable in simulations and more advanced training
- In addition a Specialist will be allowed to partake in NCO Candidate training and tests if they so desire.

- Upon Completing and event you will be put through basic training, after your training you will receive the rank of private.
- In addition to your rank you will now be allowed to join a regiment, which you must stay in for 2 weeks. If you are found in violation of this rule you will be put down to trooper and forced to start again

- Rank you receive on joining the server, no prior action required

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